About us

Organic Socks of Sweden established in 2016 with a mission to contribute to a better world through fairly produced, non toxic, high quality socks made with naturally grown cotton. Our socks are designed in Sweden and manufactured in India according to Global Organic Textile Standard-GOTS. We sell online and through our retailer’s /wholesaler’s network all over the world. Our products are loved by thousands of satisfied customers.

We offer a unique collection of comfortable organic cotton socks and underwear with high quality. In our products, not only the yarn is organic, but the whole supply chain all the way from cotton growth to finish product is GOTS certified. This certification confirms that no toxic chemicals, no child labour and no environmental damage has been involved in the manufacturing process. 


Our Story

It started simply as a love of nature and a passion for a better tomorrow.

The heart of a child in industrial Faisalabad, Pakistan, was captured by the colour of 100,000 textile factories. Curious, he studied textile engineering and within eight years rose to Product Engineer for one of the world's largest sock manufacturers.

Organic Socks of Sweden was born of dreams. Of that still curious young guy inspired to travel 3000 miles to learn more. He learned best practices from a Masters in Textile Value Chain Management, University of Borås, Sweden. And therein lies the heart of Organic Socks of Sweden.

Our cotton is only naturally grown. Our manufacturing is certified as ecofriendly to protect the environment and health of our workers. We add the passion & inspiration from Norrland to deliver unique collections of high quality organic socks and underwear in colorful designs.

Your purchases allow Organic Socks of Sweden to donate one percent of sales towards the empowerment of poor families and girl's education in rural Pakistan.